Boulder WordPress

A Boulder born and raised company, Boulder WordPress is the brainchild of Larry Stephenson, who is a longtime resident of Colorado. Boulder WordPress primarily serves the needs of artists and small business owners looking to develop their web presence.

I’m a small, local business and I believe in the power of small businesses. Local businesses are an essential part of the backbone of business world. More than half of the businesses in our country are small, independent businesses.

Small businesses open accounts at local banks, hire local CPAs and attorneys and when they need supplies they can step down the street to get them quickly. Small local business provides automatic advantages in the daily operations and keep income in their communities.

We are the glue that keeps local economies healthy!

Larry Stephenson

Larry brings a keen aesthetic sense shaped by his experiences with photography and improvisational arts into the world of web design and development. He also brings a work ethic shaped by years of involvement with sports and martial arts to help bring projects to fruition. Larry has a pool of associates that he can use for support with the various tasks involved with crafting websites that might lie outside his area of expertise.

Spiral dancers

Larry’s been working with websites for many years as a hobby, which started with making the website for the Capoeira Angola Club at the University Of Colorado-Boulder, which he directed for many years. In recent years, he’s transitioned to working with websites on a professional basis.

During that time, he started using WordPress to design and manage websites. It’s been a win-win proposition, easier for Larry, easier for his clients! There’s so many talented folks creating incredible resources for WordPress, which really makes it so much simpler to get more done! Larry enjoys spending his spare time listening to Brazilian music, going for hikes and likes to dance a lot, a lot, a lot!